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Potato Pals Memory Match Game

Potato Pals Memory Match Game

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Encourage picky eaters to eat their veggies with this quirky matching card game! With a potato hero, named Taterbug, players will have fun while learning about healthy eating habits.

When you appear to be in a pickle, all pun intended, and struggling to find matches, here comes our hero Taterbug acting as a WILD CARD. Nearly any card you flip with him then becomes a matching pair.

This game assists in perfecting math abilities as well. Each card has an assigned point value. The Points Card in the FREE DOWNLOADABLE instructions is where you will find the point values for each card.

Therefore, even if you have the most matched pairs, you can still lose the game by having the least amount of points.

The "EAT YOUR VEGGIES" card offers an alternate gameplay option. Whoever flips this matching pair can have their opponent eat whatever veggie they want them to, or eat the veggies themselves.

There is a penalty for your opponent if they do not eat the veggies, but a reward for you if you do eat them.

Playful, strategic, and educational, this game is perfect for picky eaters! Join Taterbug the potato and all of his veggie pals on this card-flipping, festive, fun.

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